Aux Merveilleux de Fred

I guess I need to start feeding you details on this epic Euro adventure! It started on an empty, then very crowded, flight to London. I’d been having so much fun coming over here for weekends off of work trips, that I’d unknowingly convinced my parents they had to go. I wanted to be on a flight with them and show them the workings of the trains and the like so I managed to tack on a work week to the back end of a vaca. So lucky!

We stayed on a lovely street in South Kensington among about 100 pastry and ice cream shops, but Aux Merveilleux de Fred was my favorite because it was so specific and unexpected. Oh and delicious!

The bakery produces two pastries, the Merveilleux, which Fred became infatuated with and opened an entire shop around! They come in multiple sizes and flavors and are meringues sandwiches and coated in pastry cream, then rolled in a crunch. You know I love a crunch.

My item of choice was the almond cream coated in hazelnut. I’m not usually one for meringues, but this was SO good. It didn’t hurt your teeth the way other meringues can. My coffee also came with a side car meringue. Good to taste it naked, but slather mine in almond cream, please.

Next up was the other specialty pastry, the cramique.

Cramique is code for, I’d like to slather this in salted butter and cramique it in my mouth. I didn’t. I ate this brioche dotted with raisins like a human, in a resto. Light and fluffy, they were plain, but a nice start to the day. They also came in plain and chocolate.

Truly, I wish I could take either of these treats home with me, but alas once must be enough until the next time I visit Fred and his marvelouses. Amazing shop name…Fred.

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