Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Can you think of the better name for a bar/spa establishment?? Especially after my sis told customs that she was in Toronto for pleasure. Well, then! Pleasure we must find!

And that we did. The super girly looking bar lured us in from the street while we were waiting for our dinner table. Part bar, part shop, part spa, upon entering we were submerged into an adult lady playground of dreams!

That’s right. These rose gold phones worked alright. They rang some not un-handsome barmen to deliver you champagne.

By the register they kept a vat of one of my personal favorites, Moet Ice. Learned about this little gem in my Miami life – bubbly served over ice with lemon and mint. Perfect beach juice.

Such a fun corner where shop meets nail color.

Cute sipping nooks.

Lovely barware and glimpse to the manicure that I could have been having.

Round one!

Round two was more pleasurable with edible fleurs.


Seriously, this place was basically a dream apartment. Tile job for my lady bathroom, please.

If these aren’t the prettiest drinks you’ve ever seen, you can leave this page now. Mine featured tequila and creme de violette. And violets!

You could be finding this much pleasure if you just head over to King Street West. (She doesn’t even have a drink! I wonder what hilarious thing was just uttered).

Bottoms up! Who doesn’t love an underpants drawing when you order coffee??

We were so giddy to find this gem! Make sure you book an appointment and enjoy it on your next jaunt to Toronto.


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