Is anyone up watching the royal wedding? I am! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I think my own Prince Harry must be lost out there somewhere. With no wedding or move in my own near future-what else is there to do, but femme up the place for myself?

A new area rug AND throw pillows AND shelves I hung up myself that only caused a MILD injury. Take that Meghan Markle! I don’t need no man- (but it sure would have been helpful and just all around nice).

The before… bland. A rug purchased to match the violent ex’s doggo. It was so cathartic to pitch that. Lugged it down to the dumpster all by lonesome, WITH a pair of free weights unknowingly wrapped up in it. Free workout, what!

Please enjoy the before and after. A few little more touches and it will be just about perfect. For me anyway. Isn’t that all anyone wants, just a little slice of perfect for them? Maybe some company on that fresh, fly couch? Ok, and mayyybeee that sick Stella McCartney reception dress, but you can’t be THAT demanding…

Have a lovely weekend, loves.


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