El Cartel

The next night, I headed out to dinner, super early in pursuit of tacos. Again. El Cartel, I will eat your tacos come hell or high water. This time, it worked. I just had to wait maybe twenty minutes at the sister restaurant across the street because there is no waiting space in El Cartel. Ok, fine, glass of Billecart-Salmon in a crowded, dimly lit wine bar, if I must.

In no time, my table was ready and they ran across the street to fetch me. I downed my champs and headed back for a house margarita. No rocks. Not frozen. It was delicious.

I started off with guac because, duh, plantain chips. It did not disappoint.

Then, I moved onto the crispy duck tacos which were out of this world. I didn’t eat the shell, so that I could eat some of the….

…Sweet potato and chorizo quesadilla. OMG, everything was SO, so good. I needed an army of friends so that I could try more! The gals next to me had the right idea, ordering everything on the menu and bringing their own bottle of wine to have before the margs came. Brilliant.

Make this a mainstay in Edinburgh, just be sure to arrive early or plan to wait upwards of an hour.


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