Fishers in the City

Another long day of work leading into a dreary, rainy evening alone in Edinburgh. The only pick-me-up… tacos and tequila! Well, or so I thought. Despite it being only around 7PM on a gross Wednesday night, El Cartel, my destination of choice, was absolutely mobbed. Or just normally mobbed, as probably not a dozen table restaurant can be. A quick survey of Thistle street – a quiet side street teaming with great restos – lead me into the arms of Fishers in the City.

A bit more high brow than I was hoping for, I decided a date night for one would be just perfect – it’s my M.O. anyway. You knew the place was nice because the bread basket was included with the price of admission. Scots seem to like to charge for this.

Anyway, in typical fashion, I wanted everything on the menu, so I just had the waiter select for me. He did an excellent job, pairing grilled octopus with my viogner.

Followed by the local Orkney scallops. Now, I’d had scallops in Scotland before, but never quite like this. First off, they were MASSIVE. Secondly, they had this funny orange foot. I ate the first one and it sort of had a chalky consistency that I didn’t love. So, I inquired as to what it was and it was the roe. I detest roe, so I skipped the rest of the feet and just worked on the meat (that’s what she said). When in Rome, the scallops were served with potatoes.

If I ever manage a date night in Scotland, this could be a strong contender. Overall, a dark, upscale vibe perfect for intimate conversation. There’s also plenty of small plates that you need someone to share with someone special.


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