Cote Brasserie was my three course caloric splurge because well, it was Edinburgh and raining. What else would I do but sit in a dark room and read by book? The wait staff was very kind and attentive and didn’t seem to be bothered by my lingering at a four top. They even stowed my coat and umbrella for me despite having plenty of room.

The view from my table was of the bar and a pile of fresh baguettes that I managed to resist!


I started with the endive salad which was really fun to eat. So much crunch! The wine was generous and even the tap water in jug form was festive.

Then, they brought a bowl of lemon water for my presumably garlicky mussel fingers. Why doesn’t every restaurant do this??

The main event – moules frites.

I also had to try the creme caramel for dessert since it was the house specialty. I did not eat all of it out of minimal self restraint, but the dark bits were just divine.

Really enjoyed this unfussy French brasserie and look forward to returning next Edinburgh jaunt.


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