Rabble Taphouse & Grill

Just a couple blocks down the street from The Principal George Street was Rabble Taphouse & Grill – a trendy resto in another boutique hotel. A source told me this was a place to go “and be seen.” On Monday at 6PM, I didn’t expect it to be, which is precisely why I went when I did.

How cute is the decor?!

I started with an (unknowingly) MASSIVE Bombay Sapphire cocktail. I thought it was going to be more gin tot than gin and wine. But whatever. It was delicious. I took me nearly an hour and 30 work emails to drink.

After all that gin, it was time to soak it up with… some grilled oysters! Apparently, this is one of the house specialties, which is why I assume they could only sell me four oysters instead of the six to an order. Weird.

They were quite delicious, grilled with spinach and a cheese sauce.

Next up, was my true love, burrata. No Italian meals for me this trip, so I figured I basically had to. It wasn’t the best burratta I’ve ever eaten, but the picallili compote was interesting.

The arugula side salad was literally just that. I wish I’d known that the cheese was already served with basically this. Eye roll emoji.

I looked at this cheese salad combo, for no joke, nearly AN HOUR. I was holding out because I’d ordered bread, first thing. I think the waitress forgot to put it in, then took forever to do so…then claimed it took four minutes to bake fresh. Ok great, so what about the other 56?

When it was finally served, it was served in such quantity that it was embarrassing. I needed two little slices to push around some cheese. Not two whole baguettes to put in my purse for later. Ridiculous.

It was served with this very weird garlic dip, that looked like clay or dining room paint.

All in all, dinner was… fine….two and a half hours later. Admittedly, I lingered on purpose in the beginning, but the time was just ridiculous for essentially two appetizers. The space is cute and the oysters were good, which is why there were only 4. Can’t say this experience made me want to return next round in Edinburgh.


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