Hawksmoor & Spitalfield’s Bar

While not exactly a secret with its half dozen-ish locations, the Hawksmoor has finally been discovered by yours truly. I was planning on just having a drink and nibble in the Spitalfield’s Bar after reading that the short rib croquettes were one of the best things to eat in London. Spoiler alert:  I returned the next day (Borough location) for Sunday roast.

Here’s the hole-in-the-wall entrance of Spitalfield’s Bar, conveniently between Spitalfield’s Market and Shoreditch. Very unassuming as to what was below.

The sign just inside the doorway was this charming optometrist chart of rotating snacks. I managed to catch it on a French Dip.

Inside, the bar itself had a slightly tropical vibe, thanks to lacquered pool-blue ceilings.

Other corners looked a little more subway.

I opted for a small table in the middle, quite content with the Anderson Paak album that they were playing in full. The barmen were more than attentive, talking me through the menu, until I landed on a Marmalade Cocktail which was gin, Campari, marmalade, and lemon. A drink so nice, I ordered it twice.

And the snack! Oh the snack… this was really my lunch, but I would have eaten it three times that day. Short rib nuggets with kimchi ketchup. I hate ketchup, but the nuggets were so good, I couldn’t even hate it a little.

What’s better for soaking up a cuppa gin than fried short rib? Nothing.

Solo travel is really great, because you don’t have to share your snacks.

The next evening, I was looking forward to trying Padella after so much reading. I downloaded their new reservation app, ready to save my spot! But, the app wasn’t working!! And the line was two hours long! And I was hungry! And near a closed Borough Market!

So….I’d better try the Hawksmoor, the full restaurant of Spitalfield’s Bar. This one was the Borough Market location.

I couldn’t decide what to eat OR drink after sadly learning that they were all out of their famous Sunday roast, because I was exhausted and fun like that. So, I just had the waiter order for me. He brought me a few oysters and an English “Champagne.” Delish.

And the smallest steak, an 8oz. ribeye and mashed taters. The wine was a Burgundy. I can NEVER approach finishing an 8oz. steak. EVER. This was so was good and I again, missed lunch, that this was consumed. Nomnomnom.

Don’t worry, I made myself walk home, even though I was quite ready for a nap. No doubt that the Hawksmoor AND Spitalfield’s Bar will be staples in my London rotation. I’ll just have to go early enough for Sunday roast.

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