Does it feel like I was in Edinburgh forever? Working from my hotel room, walking around in the slush (destroying my leather boots), eating and drinking…it’s because I was. The last night of my accidental extension lead me to a charming restaurant called Divino. After reading reviews online and then, recommended by my hotel’s adorable Italian bar manager, I knew I had to give it a go. Located in the basement of an old building around a very slippery hairpin turn, I found myself opening up the resto around 7PM.

My gorgeous waitress sat me in a romantic nook with a great view of the resto that quickly filled up with all sorts of clientele – lady groups, dates, families. I loved it. Also, please note the show pony of a deli slicer in the middle of the floor. Perfect access for freshly slicing charcuterie du jour to order.

I was feeling light and happy and didn’t even order, aside from tossing a few ideas around with the waitress. She employed the sommelier to decide my wine pairings and suggested the highlights of the menu. First up, a sparkling rose and the freshly sliced Mortadella. Ya’ know, I don’t think I’ve ever had Mortadella, but this was delicious! And so nice with the vino.

Next up was the bread basket. It was OK, did not change my life. Thank God. I think I would have exploded had it.

The chef then sent an amuse bouche of ‘haggis cube.’ It was pretty much the perfect amount of haggis needed for the week. Just enough (one bite) to say oh hey, I was in Scotland.

I highly suggested to my waitress that buratta is basically my favorite food group, so she allowed me to order it. It was lovely, as buratta tends to be and came with a gorgeous citrus and red onion salad. And one giant crouton, which could have just subbed in for my bread basket. The Calabrian sommelier sent me a glass of Sauvignon blanc which I was initially skeptical of, but it paired perfectly.

Finally, la piece de la resistance, my soul, pasta. Now, I am usually a ravioli sort of woman. Something heavy in cheese and veg. No need for meat with a great al dente pasta. However, the waitress insisted that veal ragout was the way to go. It certainly was delicious, and it just made me wonder about the how fantastic the ravioli bit is. I’ll probably have to go back and give it a try. Research. 😉


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