The Outsider

The Outsider came recommended to me by my CEO as a great date spot, so you knew I was all over that. Doing romantic things alone always seems to be high on my to-do list. Lucky for me, it turns out to be a stone’s throw from my hotel and was open during a blizzard. I slipped and slid my way over for a leisurely meal, because really, what else was I going to do?

How about this dope castle view through the window? Not mad about it. Or the open flame that apparently catches a shirt sleeve on fire from time to time. Not mine though, I’ll let you guess who might that be.

What’s up table of strangers?? I swear I was taking a pic of the castle.

The wine menu was amazing. One, it was reasonably priced – not an easy feat in a city full of fine dining. And two, check out some of these descriptions. My favorite, “refreshing in wrestling a orangutang kind of way” and “the person you love is 72.8% water. So is this wine.” Clearly, I ordered a glass or two of the love water.

You know I was all about the bread plate, especially not having eaten all day. It was truly enough to fuel a marathon runner and came equipped with some handy basil infused oil. All about everything here.

For a starter I was after the grilled halloumi salad that they had a special and was very disappointed to find out it was just for lunch. Body craving green things without many other options, I went with some fried aubergine instead. It was OK….not quite crispy and note quite flavorful. I wouldn’t recommend this, but it was presented nicely and a fair-sized portion to start.

For dinner, I knew I was all about the mussels that came in a creamy broth laced with bacon. I can’t tell you the last time I had moules frites and these were a lovely change from meat and potato potatoes. The fries were alright, but I regretted not asking for the garlic fries also offered on the menu. Next time…. Also, please note the bread board to scale of my water-glass sized vino and frites.

All the noms.

For dessert, I opted for lemon sorbet….that came with a shot of frozen vodka. Not because I needed dessert or more alcohol, but mostly because I loved the concept and all of these things together and separately.

Naturally, I slid back to my cozy hotel room and fell pretty straight to sleep. I loved everything overall about this dinner and can’t wait to return next month.



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