Strips of Rose Gold

A few years ago my bestie told me that my stripper name should be ‘Rose Gold.’ (Hers:  Emerald Cut). It had me in stitches at the time and I’ve been trying to live up to the moniker ever since. Not so much in the stripping department, but more so in the shopping department. So, in an effort to slowly fill my jewel box with the real deal, instead of buying costume jewelry that turns green or goes out of style, I invested in a pair of the perfect sized rose gold hoops for Valentine’s Day. They finally arrived in the mail on Monday and I’m in love. I found this company, Vrai and Oro, last year and bought a simple thick band rose gold ring. Love it, but it scractched up pretty easily. So, I figured earrings would be safer. At $80 ‘investment’ definitely won’t break the bank, And a timeless lightweight hoop is a dope every day piece that even a stripper could love.

If you have the urge to spend more than on the Vrai and Oro circuit, I also highly recommond the gorgeous brand, The Dowry of dainty, but fabulous real jewelry. I fell in love (and in bankrupcy) snatching up a few pieces at Austin’s, By George.

The packaging is adorbs.

Perfect quarter sized hoops for work or play.


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