Sheraton Grand Edinburgh

The last stay on my last-minute European adventure was the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh. While, I’m not usually one for big, chain properties, this hotel was awesome. The staff was so friendly and helpful in answering questions, ordering cars, storing packages, and recommending restos. Apparently, there was also a lovely spa with what looks to be a rooftop pool too. Maybe next time….

I can confirm that the room was spacious and very comfortable. The bathroom had two entrances for some reason; to the left is the first.

The bed was wonderful. Totally cozy and the mattress was absolute perfection. It was the kind of bed you didn’t want to get out from after wandering around the cold, gray city.

Here’s the other entrance to the bathroom. An odd, but fun feature was the ability to change the color of lighting that emitted from under the bed and in the bathroom. That’s right, if you’re into a red brothel feel or cooler tones for a bath, this room had it all.

The desk area was smart! A cubby in the front lifted up and turned into a mirrored vanity when lifted. It’s also where the hairdryer was stowed and caused every woman in my party to have to call the front desk and ask where it was hiding.

Some yellow lighting in the very clean shower and tub.

The sink area also featured a make-up lighting setting and volume for the tv. Brilliant.

Maybe the most thoughtful feature of the hotel were the constant source of tiny snacks. On the weekend there was a vat of mulled wine along with mini mince pies that were just delicious.

During the week it was all shortbread and apples. The perfect sweet bite to get you through the day.

Off of the lobby was a gorgeous gingerbread display.

Off of the other side of the lobby was a bag piper! Scottish so hard.

Another fine feature of the hotel was that breakfast was included with my room rate. Not just breakfast, but room service. What a treat to eat a really delicious, hot, on time breakfast in a robe AND avoid colleagues in the morning. BRILLIANT.

I cannot wait to return to magical Edinburgh and hunker down into the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh again soon.


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