Hotel Review: Royal Lancaster London

  1. After my time at The Franklin, I was due to spend a couple days in Dublin. In favor of sleep, not packing up for a quick international flight, and avoiding snowy flight delays, I opted to stay in London. I asked The Franklin about rates for the few extra days and they weren’t quick to share them and being that when I checked online they were nearly double, I opted to move hotels to The Royal Lancaster in Hyde Park. Reviews claimed this had been recently renovated and was a best kept secret, etc., I couldn’t wait to stay! Not to mention, it was near the train station I needed out of town a few days later. Well….the hotel had a pretty lobby, but the bar was not in the lobby, but on the second floor. It was a little sleepy and dated, but served its purpose. It served as an intermediary between a Thai restaurant and the hotel’s more continental restaurant. I was excited to try the Thai that received raved reviews, but was sat opposite another single traveller, so it was like we were facing each other, but not together which was odd. A screaming baby totally did me in and I decided to leave for the other resto, which was good, but not life changing. I had soup and carpaccio and ordered bread which I paid for, but took most of the meal to arrive. The waitress seemed annoyed with me for some reason. I would not be returning.

The rooms were certainly “fine” and clean but not special. I’d pretty immediately wished that id stayed somewhere with character, especially after I ended up taking an early morning cab instead of train. My vote, the Mondrian Sea Containers. After visiting two of the three food/bars there, having a blast, and being near London City, it would have made so much more sense.

Enough about my poor planning, let’s have a look at the room. The bed was basic, and not nearly as comfy as The Franklin.

The view was great! Though, not the Hyde Park views touted by their website and trip advisor.

The bath was small but functional and perhaps the floors were heated??

This “handy” map seemed promising but never worked or connected to whatever it was supposed to.

Here’s what Hyde Park views should have looked like.

The sleepy bar.

All in all, the Royal Lancaster was totally fine. Soulless and far flung, you could easily do better in London, but if clean and Paddington Station is your goal, this works in a pinch.


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