Hotel Review: The Franklin, London

Hi Loves! Hope everyone had a charming Christmas; I sure did. A full house here, just a few days after returning from ten fantastic days in the UK! The weekend started off with my thirty-fifth (UGH) birthday at the gorgeous, Franklin Hotel in South Kensington. Recently renovated and opened, the hotel was an interior designer’s dreams literally and figuratively. I’d love for my house to embody this, classy, but sexy, but cozy vibe. I love gray walls, so this spot certainly delivered. So did the room, which Mr. and Mrs. Smith confirmed was one of the sexiest hotel rooms in the world.

The hotel chain is small and Italian and seems to have one central reservations office so response was at times slow, think days. When a Black Friday deal came and went with no response from them, I was happy when they were able to honor it days later, when they got around to responding to my email. That deal was 30% off the rack rate and free breakfast, which was absolutely delicious. We enjoyed grazing every day and saved (and gained. ha.) quite some poundage in the process with what would have been a 35 GBP price tag per person per day.

Here’s a look at my birthday morning caffeine drip. All china, sterling silver, and linen napkins for a tired, slightly dirty lady fresh off of an eight hour plane ride (plus three hour delay).

The tiny, but gorgeous bar. Salvatore could whip up anything, including complimentary birthday champagne. If he wasn’t around, we had trouble even getting a simple mixed drink like a vodka and club soda. The bar staff seemed a bit confused.

Breakfast nook and peek into the courtyard.

Cocktail making accessories in parfum bottles.

The lobby.

Dining area.

The “green room” which I dubbed would be my breakfast nook if I was an NYC lady with buckets of money.

The gorgeous room, complete with pink birthday balloons. Not 35. Thank God.

Despite requesting an early check-in, I finally was able to enter and take a nap midafternoon. Apparently, the delay was the baking of this birthday cake. It was so pretty, I’d say it was worth the jetlagged wait.

Very cozy bed with views of the snow falling through two windows across the way.

The bathroom was small, but clean and even had a spottless tub.

All in all, The Franklin, was gorgeous, sexy, well-located (across from the V&A), and well-priced on the deal I caught. The staff was lovely, chatty, and overwhelmingly Italian. Service was kind and thorough even if occasionally slow or confused by drink orders or room requests. I’d certainly stay here in London next Christmas if I could find this price point again. I’d also look into the chain’s other properties around Europe. Have to love a new boutique hotel for a milestone birthday. Thanks for a great stay (and delicious cake), Franklin.

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