Restaurant Review: Cuca

With the Bali trip finally winding down, Julie and I decided that we’d better splurge on our last night and have a truly memorable meal. We really hadn’t spent much on wine or food this trip at all, so it felt like it was time. Cuca next to the Belmond Jimbaran Puri was in our sights. Having read about it in several places, eight Michelin stars in an unpretentious atmosphere was just the ticket. We opted to sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen and enjoy the chef’s tasting menu, a bottle of wine, and some digestifs. You could have rolled us out of there, our stomachs and pockets were heavy with delectable delights and a fairly unharmed credit card. The whole experience for the two of us totalled up to only $134 USD. Yasssss, girl, yass! It takes ages to get to Bali, but the vacation value is just incredible!

Because I like to really see that bang for my buck, I will relive the whole meal for you. An experience so nice, may as well have it twice.

Simple, but modern place setting. Wonder how often this pins get swiped….?

The first taste was a “fried chicken bite.” Primarily, fluffy air, with the texture of cotton candy, but the taste of chicken… woah is all I can say.

The first course was Cuban corn with parmesan, lime, and parsley. Could have not shared this with Julie.

Course Two:  Roast Pork Buns with a honey PANCAKE bun, pickled cabbage, and coriander. We were close to ordering more of these, but they wouldn’t fit in our pants.

Course Three:  Smoked butterfish with a savory beetroot yogurt, zucchini pickles, and parsley breadcrumbs. Is this not the most beautiful dish you’ve ever seen??


Course Four:  Honey baked pumpkin salad with country granola, green beans, and more yogurt. This is perhaps the only dish I didn’t care for, but I don’t dig pumpkin.


Course Five:  BBQ Octopus with Asian gazpacho. Oh yeah…


Course Six:  Rice Tempura Soft Shell Crab with aioli and BBQ pineapple. This blew my mind and my only other experience with soft shell crab. Didn’t think I liked the things and wish this would have been my first time with the critters.


View into the VERY organized and efficient kitchen.


Course Seven:  Shredded pork with crispy fries and a runny egg. Beyond rich. This was the only dish we didn’t finish. Love that dinosaur egg bowl though!


Course Eight:  “Bali Breakfast.” Not an egg in an eggshell. This was sweet, runny mango, frozen passion fruit, and whipped coconut! Gorgeous!


Course Nine:  Cocoa 99 which was warm chocolate, brownie croutons, and fresh mint ice cream. Amazing.


The digestif came pre-bottled and was a delicious pineapple and rosemary blend. It truly knocked our socks right off. Aka, it was very strong and had me negotiating with cab drivers and ready for bed!


If Cuca isn’t already on  your Bali itinerary, put it there NOW.

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  1. Cuca Restaurant says:

    Dear Macarons and Mayhem,

    Warmest greetings from Cuca restaurant!

    The entire team in Cuca would like to thank you sincerely for your support and for coming to Cuca. You cannot imagine how happy you made us for reading your article about your dining experience in our restaurant in your amazing blog. We love it so much!!!!  It is guests like yourselves that give us all the strength and motivation to keep doing every day what we love the most.

    Thank you again and please continue telling your hungry friends about us!

    Cuca Team

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  2. My pleasure, Cuca! Thanks for the amazing dinner. Have already recommended you to friends visiting the island in 2018. Cheers!



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