Origin Ubud

A few days later we headed toward Ubud via a VERY nauseating ninety minute cab ride. Everyone said Ubud would just charm our pants off; we couldn’t wait. Our hotel, Origin Ubud, was a very nice start to pants charming. Open only for about a year and with just a handful of rooms, it was the epitome of chic jungle hotel. It may even be the bustling city center’s best kept secret. Convienenty located near the main street, but far enough away you don’t hear it. The hotel offered a shuttle to town at designated times if you didn’t feel like walking which came in handy on a couple of rainy nights out. For $124/night, I couldn’t have asked for a better deal or more chic of a crash pad.


The open air lobby was teaming with plants and just a serene place to sit and have a second coffee or converse with the staff.


My poor travel companion was pretty sick by the time we arrived at Origin. We investigated a two bedroom place so that she might be quaranteened, but the prices had risen sky-high. So, we stuck with our romantic little pied a terre and the staff was kind enough to bring in an extra bed (for a fee) and ply my friend with tea and medicine. Truly, the kindest, most caring staff we encountered during our Bali adventures.


How romantic is this room? The giant sliding glass doors looked out into a lush jungle.


The private infinity pool with boat hammock lounger made our lives.


Requirements for Ubud while planning including an infinity pool that overlooked a jungle. Ask and you shall receive.


Private banana tree, they have that too. (And papayas. So many papayas).


The bathroom was lovely, half open-air and came with fun extras like free water (a big deal), Balinese masks, sarongs, and totes to carry into temples.


And this bathtub! OMG. We both used this (separately) and it could not have been available at a better time in the trip for my sick companion. This part of the space was open air and the sound of the evening rain showers on the foliage was just divine. Origin even includes salt scrub and low lighting for again, the most romantic ambiance for two platonic friends.


I’d highly recommend Origin Ubud. The rooms come with a delicious complimentary breakfast and will pack you a to-go box if you have early morning plans. They also add thoughtful touches like afternoon sorbet delivery, and midnight traditional Balinese snacks. The service and kindness of the hotel employees coupled with sexy simplicity of design and privacy really give Origin that special feeling you look for when you travel. More than just a pretty face and is a five star spot, for certain.


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