Unscripted, Part Deux

Hi loves! I’m baaccckkk! Apologies for the month-long hiatus, but I was able to make my trip to Bali, for which I am so grateful. (The volcano still hasn’t erupted!) More on that very soon. Prior to that was the biggest work event of the year which was beyond physically and mentally exhausting and prior to that was my redo stay at the Unscripted hotel in Durham. Needless to say, very tired, but very happy.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Unscripted.

As you may recall, my friend and I had a not so wonderful first go at the Unscripted in Durham shortly after it’s opening. I was very disappointed as I love to support cool, new things in the area. Not to mention, the ex and I had so much fun at the Dream Hotel bar, pool, and restaurants while visiting and then living in Miami. It was always on our South Beach rotation. A sister property was just what Durham needed!

So, I’m happy to report that after speaking to the hotel about our very odd stay this summer, they offered a do-over. I had a concert in the area and figured that would be just the night for another overnight in Durham. It was a very sunny Wednesday, nearly 90 degrees. I would blow off work (which had been running me absolutely ragged) in the afternoon to enjoy the pool, then have a fun crash pad post concert. That was the plan. This was just what I needed.

So, I parked in the garage and was greeted with a trendy little nook I hadn’t seen before.

I checked in around noon into a similar looking room, just as before. Lovely. So much Jonathan Adler-ness.

I must say, the place is very clean.

There were two charming little robes this time, reminding you to “tune in and hang out.”

Another new edition, a sort of stocked mini fridge. Again, an improvement over this summer.

The room had water! Yay! This is massively what was missing this summer. They also added snacks and pre bottled cocktails.

Management welcomed me back with a bottle of cab. A nice touch, for sure.

And the very best part of the room, was the view! It was on the second floor overlooking a city square in downtown. This was a massive upgrade to last time, overlooking the back bar of the pool area. Pro tip:  Ask for a quiet room on floor 2. The area is a bit noisy during the day with construction next door and people enjoying lunch outside, but it’s more ambient city noise than sitting in a the back of a bar noise.

The hotel also kindly asked me to enjoy food and drink. I stuck to white wine and tuna poke.

The poke was quite delicious and is seated on a bed of rice.

I was so looking forward to decompressing from an amped up work schedule with some wine and pool time in the afternoon, so it was a bummer to find that the pool was being repainted during my visit and could not be used.

Overall, it was a much better stay and I feel like I know what to ask for when I book again. A rooftop pool is a personal favorite of mine anywhere, so I am elated that there is one nearby. If you’re looking for a fun crash pad in downtown Durham, I’d recommend the Unscripted hotel, just check the painting schedule first.


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