Fresh Carbs and Post Updates

Thought I'd give you all an update on my situation with the Unscripted Hotel in Durham. I received the nicest email from the hotel manager. He apologised profusely, offered a refund of the stay, and a complimentary next stay. So generous! I look forward to trying to property again and updating my review. He even wanted to talk through the whole thing on the phone and he was equally as charming and apologetic there too. I really do have love for a local business and small chain and look forward to seeing that spot succeed. Stay tuned…

Next up. Cheat day! That's right, on the ole healthy – think literally no carbs- during the week flow. Which makes….drumroll please….Saturday, cheat day! I took the opportunity to FINALLY run by Boulted Bread. I needed to drool on some pastry cases and pick up a baguette for dinner. When I carried the RDU Baton a few months back, there were many folks challenging my Lucette Grace affection, in favor of Boulted Bread. Their instagrammable walls I'd seen enough times over, that it was finally time to try.

The shop was as beautiful as Lucette Grace, the cases more utilitarian than deep and well lit, but damn did I want everything in them. Boulted leans more to bread than fussy pastries, so the offerings were pretty different aside from the croissants, which I just had to try because ya' know, the baguettes wouldn't be ready til 11AM. Pro-tip.

I opted for the classic and the everything which had a swath of herbed cream cheese inside. I also secretly wanted all the various versions stuffed with ham and cheese, but I worked hard to control myself. Next time!

I carefully cut the croissants in half, saving part for tomorrow, but that was a huge mistake and I found myself sneaking bites off of them all morning.

Did I mention I had to take home a brick of croissant bread pudding too? 😬sorry, not sorry. It's laced with peaches and Carmel and you can see the flakey layers bursting out of the top. The thug is literally the size and weight of a brick and has gone straight into the freezer for another treat day. Somehow, the corner seems to have fallen off, but really I don't know how. Currently looking into it, around the waist and of my jeans.

In conclusion, I have no idea if Boulted makes good baguettes or if their croissants are better than Lucette Grace's. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that a pat of Salted French butter, a bottle of red, and a discerning sister-in-law could be the deciding factor. 🥐🥐🥐

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  1. Jaime says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Let’s roll over there during the holiday visit.

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    1. gregandbirds says:

      Please bring me back some croissant bread pudding.

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