Unscripted Hotel Durham

“Live life unscripted,” the motto of the new Unscripted hotel in Durham, part of the Dream Hotel group. Having enjoyed the pool scene and restaurants many times over in Miami, I was super excited this was moving into the neighborhood. One of my fav travel partners and I decided a staycation was absolutely in order. We’d shop and brunch and pool and eat some more. We’d do Durham. Unscripted. Whatever that means.

Friday night the hotel hosts a pool party. We weren’t staying that night, but rolled up for a drink and were shocked to see quite the mix of well-dressed folks chilling by the pool. Heels! Chanel! In Durham! I literally said to my friend, “what are those girls doing with $6K Chanel bags in Durham!?”

“They’re with NBA players,” she said. That’s when we ran into Jabari Parker and Jalil Okafor. And Jon Schuyer for good measure. Oh haiiii, Durham.

Then, I test drove a frose on the roof. Pretty, but don’t bother.


We asked the night before if we could check-in early and split the payment on check out. Yes and yes. Just call back tomorrow. Umm, what? Even though that’s in 12 hours… alrighty. I did. Guess what, you can’t split the payment. Who can’t do that!?

Here’s a lobby. Pretty retro standard.


Key card was cute though.


The room was pretty standard. Comfy enough in size. Beds were cozy. Mod accents were on point. It was missing a few key things, like….lightswitches that worked. Water. A trashcan. 2 Robes. A mini bar we’d probably use. Earplugs. It did come with not one, but 2 laundry hampers!


Here’s the reason for the ear plug need. This was the view from our only window. We were literally sleeping in the back bar. It was super fun to hear the conversations of the bartenders prepping. I was ready to chime in because they were THAT close. The 7:30AM post wedding brunch the next day was a solid touch. Who wants to sleep in on Sunday anyway. But the best part was the 6’5″ tank of a security guard who had been leaning on our door and fell into our room. Both of our gentleman friends loved this story later. By loved, I mean did not love.

Do Not Disturb sign goes up and we hit the pool.


The pool was very fun. Lots of guests coming together with some beach ball volleyball. The chair game was a nightmare. Apparently, you needed to reserve them and we only had to move twice so that was exciting.

The post pool nap included a room entry of a hotel employee just wondering if we were there. We were. Hi! Then twenty minutes later another guest came in because the front desk gave them a key. Hi! I called the front desk to say, please respect the DnD sign and leave us alone. They said, but wait! Let us bring you ONE free drink coupon. Ya know, for the two of you.

Naptime, dinner, drinks. Great night with one of my fav ladies outside of the hotel. The next morning brought the wedding brunch prep around 6AM. Then, around 8:45AM, another hotel employee came by to see if we were checking out soon. HEAD EXPLODES!!!!

We left shortly thereafter since no one was having a nice Sunday morning. I wrote the manager a kindly worded email with problems and constructive suggestions. It’s Wednesday night and he hasn’t responded. Not even that he will look into it. I wouldn’t let a work email fester more than 24 hours and certainly not one for a customer.

Live life unscripted and write yourself a poor vacation. The 21C hotel across the street is amazing. I’ve stayed there before and had drinks and snack there this weekend.The 21C hotel across the street is amazing. I’ve stayed there before and had drinks and snack there this weekend. I wouldn’t for a second hesitate to recommend that as your Research Triangle hotel.


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