Stuff I Ate in Durham

Durham’s charming nickname of the Dirty D doesn’t scream food scene. But it is a pretty good one. My gal pal and I ate every meal out in the downtown for two days. Here were the highlights.

Friday Night’s Stop:  Pizzeria Toro.

Buratta (shocking) and grilled peaches with pine nuts and crispy basil.


Ricotta dumplings under a mound of corn, cheese, and truffles.


Potato pizza with spicy sausage, bagna cauda, cheese, and garlic. Served with my fav chili oil on the side. Mmmmmm


Bird’s eye view.


Saturday Morning:  Rue Cler

Fluffy beignets, terrible coffee, and a delightful mimosa.


Crepe full of kimchi and roasted veg. Two poached eggs and a tomato sauce. Woah. Killer flavors. Soggy crepe.


For dinner we hit the 21c Hotel in Durham for a drink my friend was after. This man served as my date.


We started with sweet potato chips!!! Life changing.


Then, deviled eggs full of bacon marmalade.


And a lamb sausage for good measure.



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