Ex Anniversaries and Steak Salad Nicoise

Last week would have been my twelfth wedding anniversary and I never really know what to do with that day any more. I look forward to the next great relationship so that I don’t feel the need to mark it any longer, but for now, we persist.

The last few years I’ve spent it as a sort of treat yo’self day. Nothing crazy (because let’s face it, I’ve already bought myself a piece of jewelry for the year) just me and a long soak in the tub, a bottle of wine slightly above my normal price point, and an evening in the kitchen crafting something delicious. Last year, I opted for Ms. Tiegan’s carbonara, this year I needed something lighter so it was a steak salad nicoise for the win. There’s really no recipe, per say. Just add cucumber (or cornichon), hard-boiled egg, tomato, par boiled green beans and red potatoes over a bed of frisee, or in this case, arugala. I marinated my steak with a little Dijon, olive oil and brown sugar which was very similar to my very French dressing I whipped up – dijon, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Simple, but delicious and that recipe is just how a Frenchman once explained it to me. No measurements, just a little of this and that.


Oh and don’t forget to buy yourself flowers for this day!



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