Stuff I Ate at Hotel San Cristobal

The Hotel San Cristobal was not only gorgeous, the sunsets spectacular, but the food was overwhelmingly wonderful. So much so that there was a chef party under the moonlight I so desperately wanted to crash. And everyone knows the ruin across the street full of chefs can’t be wrong.

First order of business upon arriving at the resort after a dozen hours of travel was to house something. Immediately. Tryingggg to eat sort of healthy, I opted for the local snapper ceviche rather than the guac, queso, and tacos I REALLY wanted. Lucky for me, there was enough fish to feed a family of six.


Two of the mornings I ordered the house made granola with yogurt, pineapple from the front of the hotel, and papaya – also hopefully from nearby. It was AMAZING. And it was $6. When was the last time you had a hella hotel breakfast for $6?


Here’s another thang so nice that I consumed it twice – baked farmer’s cheese in some sort of herby sauce. It came with rustic bread and was delicious!


One night I test drove the short rib on the waiter’s recommendation after having fish (unphotographed) the night prior. It was not bad, but definitely my least favorite dish that I tried. It was fall apart wonderful, but heavy on the cinnamon which just didn’t work for an entree for me.


The dessert that I enjoyed on two of three nights was a pineapple upside down pound cake, with Luxardo soaked cherries, coconut ice cream, and some gelatinous berry thangs that were super fun.


The next day I mistakenly ordered a chicken sandwich for lunch. I am not a sandwich person so I was surprised to learn that a torta was a sandwhich. Oh well. The guts were delicious. Something as simple as grilled chicken was so savory that my mouth is watering enjoying this photo all over again.


In the evening I tried a red snapper tostada (what I though my sandwich would be) and was greeted with this gorgeous dish. The snapper supply in Todos Santos was endless and made me feel sorta healthy. Delicious. I had this my last night and was sad not to eat it twice.


Then came the house made sausage – again on my kind waiter’s recommendation. Savory and sweet, I could have eaten another one.


And for the last night, churros. This was a HUGE disappointment. First it was slated to arrive with ice cream, but that didn’t happen. The churros were so under fried that they were too doughy to really eat and I’m a doughy person. I could see the potential in this, but the chef must have had too much tequila by the time he got to this one.


For my travel day, I treated myself to an omlette full of kale and panella cheese. Did I mention I am obsessed with Mexican cheese? Also, I salt and pepper everything and I’m shocked and happy to say that these eggs were perfectly seasoned. Meow.


So what are you waiting for? Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, surfers, and bachelors so I sort of wondered where my dream guy was chilling. One thing for certain is that Saint Christopher can add delicious Mexican cuisine to his patronage.


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