Hotel San Cristobal

In my never ending quest of taking romantic vacations by myself, you know I just had to parlay a long weekend in Todos Santos on the front end of a San Diego work trip. I had been reading about the Bunkhouse Group’s newest hotel, Hotel San Cristobal, in Todos Santos for months and became OBSESSED. Basically, the work trip was 1000% necessary just so I could stick my head in this place. I’m happy to say that the hotel more than delivered. The travel for a three-day weekend was a bit aggressive (6 hour flight at 6am followed by a one hour drive), but whatever. YOLO, right? I suggested the Gentleman join me, if even for a night, because a what’s a two-hour flight for him, really? He opted to stay a day longer in London where he was working instead. Because, romance. I met some other solo travellers and made my vacation merry all by myself. I’m getting really good at this.

Let’s start with the rooms. Everything in this hotel is locally sourced from the tiles to the linens, food, and furniture.

I had booked a mountain view because it was what was available in the opening special. I was much pleased to see that I had a partial ocean view. Check out that wide ass beach with no one or anything on it. Paradise.


Every hallway was furnished with just the right furniture and cacti. Was I cool enough to be staying here?


Home for a few days.


The sitting area featured fun printed cement tile, a starry night sky night light, endless filtered water, black out blinds and it’s own A/C unit.


The desk was suited with local lore and allure of the area.


The hotel has its own water system and you could get unlimited refills without fear of Montezuma’s revenge. Check out these fun penis-shaped carafes.


Pro Tip:  The hotel has one unit with a roof terrace. I emailed them and kindly asked if I could have that room. They said OK.


The king sized bed was outfitted with local linens. I read that the bed was made out of old coconut tree parts or something as a mattress. I was extremely skeptical of sleeping on a lumpy beanbag chair, but this turned out to be one of the most comfortable beds that I’ve ever had the pleasure of dreaming amoungst.


The bathroom was a pretty standard layout with locally patterned robes, ceramics, and baskets.


The tile that was in the shower was throughout the hotel and was just so fun.


I’d absolutely recommend this hotel room. The spacious rooms and killer customer service were amazing. My first order of business was calling the front desk to come and fetch a large spider from my bathroom. No problem at all. They bagged the sucker and set it free outside. Apparently, they’re good luck. Todos Santos.


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