Other Grand Snacks in Grand Cayman

It wasn’t all tasting menus and drinks on the beach. I managed to eat a bevy of other thangs as well, because, well…what else was I to do?

Because I’m just a dainty lady, these 15 things were my top favorites:

  1. Burrata at Ave. Holy crap, this was hands down the best burrata of my life. It was SO good that I ordered it three times.
  2. Seared shrimp and scallops over couscous with grilled zucchini.
  3. Chardonnay and macarons (aka. macarons and mayhem) sent to the room by the concierge for the Gent’s bday.
  4. Grilled octopus over potatoes.
  5. Seared tuna with veggies and chimichurri mash. Oh yeah…..
  6. The cellar wine tasting the sommelier treated me to my last night.
  7. The richest chocolate dessert ever. With marshmallow ice cream.
  8. White Coffee dessert. With apricot and carmel. “Crunchy milk” hat.
  9. Two desserts, one lady. Not mad.
  10. Cronuts!! I swear I lost 10 pounds before this trip.
  11. Macarons from the concierge.
  12. Coolest dessert EVER. Peanut mousse with brandied cherries. Aka. Adult dirt.
  13. Poolside lunch of caprese salad…another way to get that burrata into your face.
  14. Custom cocktail made with tea and a tricked out lime.
  15. Mahi salad by the ocean.


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