Kimpton Seafire Digs

The theme of this blog is about to be romantic shit I planned that didn’t go as planned. 😉

Fresh off of my Zero George cooking class, I was headed into the dope beach vaca that the Gent and I had planned since January. What I didn’t plan on was taking it alone. <Eye roll emoji>. Yep, after promising repeatedly that the dates wouldn’t be a problem…they were a problem and he was called into not one, but two trials. Holy, first world problems, Batman, but DAMN. Can a girl catch a date??

Rather than forfeit the now-far-too-late to refund trip, I went by my lonesome. I invited a couple friends who both had holiday plans and then just decided it was the solo trip I meant to have last year. So, here’s my romantic AF suite at the gorgeous Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman. I strolled down to the Ritz to check out what I was missing. Turns out, just a bunch of kids that weren’t mine. I’d certainly stay at the Kimpton again. Here’s why:  (We’ll explore the rest of the resort tomorrow).

The oceanview suite view was gorgeous. Something about the landscaping even reminded me of The Cape.


Giant king bed that was comfy AF for one.


The devil was in the details in this room. I loved the funky furnishings, JBL Charge 3, and the different dimming options to set the mood between day and dusk.


The wet bar off of the budoir was a surprize. Empty storage for your own groceries and a stocked bar for theirs.


The desk worked as a great staging area for beach bag packing…there would be NO work on this trip. NONE.


The tele that also never was used, aside from house keeping staging a gorgeous sunset video to the sound of crashing waves every night while I was at dinner.



The drawers were lined with my favorite orchid-y color.


Tons of counter space in the bathroom – perfect for a single lady!


And the tub/rain shower room that overlooked the ocean if you wanted to raise the blinds.


Color palette of blues and all the hangers just pour moi. :-/



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