Zero George Cooking Class

Because I’m romantic AF, I booked the for Gent and me, “the best new cooking class” in the world. He got real sick so I did what any classy broad would do and begged for a store credit.  One or my bff and lady loves, joined me do an absolutely fantastic evening of cheese balloons and lukewarm white wine.​​

That setting though! So cute!! Set in an old home, I wanted to redecorate my own place immediately.

The kitchen for the restaurant was TINY. It could seat up to 8 and it was HOT. We drank sort of warm white wine and listened to Chef croon on about not needing recipes. True dat.

First up, a caprese salad with fresh heirlooms and an amazing rehydrated sundries tomato sauce I’ll be trying at home.

This was topped with buratta balloons!!!

Next up, steamed bass with a ramp butter sauce.

Topped with truffles….

And fried sunchokes and ramps.

For dessert, the richest chocolate pot de crême and a Carmel “honeycomb”. 

There was so much wine and food (and heat) at this meal, I feel like I wanted to die and yet that I definitely got my money’s worth! I highly recommend this class as a date night. Myself, I can’t wait to return to the restaurant for a 9 course tasting menu, four of which are “playful snacks.” Mmmm 

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