Busk the Husk

My charming colleague/bff and I rolled into Charleston just to have a couple bomb ass food experiences within hours of each other.  First, was Sean Brock’s Husk. I’ve been here a few times, always having had my hair blown back…this time not as much. It wasn’t bad by any means, but the anticipated orgasms for southern food just weren’t following.

We started with Husk puppies. Not bad. Bites of smoky pork and onion amoungst otherwise bland corneal with a lacklustre buttermilk sauce just didn’t see me to the finish line. We left some on the plate. How about that.

Then we had pimento and city ham (which seemed like bacon). The bread to cheese ratio was all wrong. I had this on crackers in February and it was 1000 times better.

Then, I completed my carb binge with fried chicken. I recall being jealous I hadn’t ordered this during previous visits. This time, I wish I hadn’t bothered. After discovering Nashville hot chicken…I may never me satisfied again!


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