Bachelorette Mayhem!

With the Bachelorette premier, just two weeks away, it’s time to sharpen your judging errrrr reading of people skills and get ready for the MACARONS AND MAYHEM BACHELORETTE BRACKET! That’s right, time to gamble while admiring Rachel’s endless collection of bomb-ass jumpsuits.

Here’s the deal. Join my Bachelorette League, the aptly named “Bachelorette Mayhem.” Each week, we’ll vie for top ‘Bach Betch,’ voting on who will take home the rose. It’s free to join this league, but if you Venmo me $5 (search:  Lauren Majewski), those who contribute can take home some prize money….winner(s) take all! And hell, even some roses to your office, too. 😉 You can’t earn if you don’t gamble!

The contestants aren’t up to pursue yet, but go ahead and sign up anyway so you can receive your email when the boys are available.

“Will you accept this, bracket?”

If you need a laugh, SNL is already into the Bachelorette spirit too.



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