2017 Met Gala Review

I can’t resist a red carpet (or award show) which makes the Meta Gala one of the best nights of the year. Tonight is such a night! I thought I’d marry my forever love of red carpets with my current obsession of the new age features from IG story…the scrawling script of a five-year old.

This year’s theme honored Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons. This designer is always touted as one of the most influential designers of the century as she mixes art with fashion and truly tests the traditional bounds of clothing as we know it…who needs an armhole anyway? Rei is the first living designer since Yves Saint Laurent to have a Met Gala dedicated toward one house or designer so tonight you’ll see all sorts of grand, boundary-pushing costumes.

While there were plenty of tamer ladies looking gorgeous in standard red carpet fare, I wanted to share my thoughts on those that left the deepest impressions….in the most eloquent way possible…

Since I couldn’t attend, all photos are kindly borrowed from the NYTimes.com fashion slide show. Thank you, NYT.

Best Dressed





The Worst





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