Thinkin’ Dirty, Not Clean

This week I spent the whole week working from home. I tried to tagalong to another conference, thought about traveling to see friends, or test-driving a hotel solo. Mais non, nothing really panned out, so I stayed in and had myself a healthy week. I’ve implemented skin brushing and probiotics into my diet and begun (sorta) documenting fitness progress for vacation prep on IG story. Ch-ch-changes….

I must say, the skin brushing is super invigorating and hopefully I’ll lose weight in dead skin (ha). And the probiotics are intersting…I don’t hate them, but I also wouldn’t use them pre-hot date… and I must say that I’ve felt less hungry and by some grace of God have not craved carbs this week! WTF. I’ll take it.

The next on my to-do list is to buy natural skin care. This is something I’ve mulled over for the last few years, and with family health scares, I figure it can’t hurt, right? I’ve been reading all sorts of reviews online and have been debating Tata Harper vs. Target brands like Burt’s Bees. Does anyone have any favorites??

The coolest tool I’ve found in this research is a free app called “Think Dirty.” It rates products you scan or search on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest toxicity. Pretty fresh. I’ve already done my medicine cabinet and can’t wait to take it to Target on Saturday and scan away.

The other app I’m love is “Organic Fit.” I think it’s really a tracking app, but I am IN LOVE with their anti-cellulite workout. For just seven minutes a day, it gives you a mini HIIT workout you can do anywhere. I’ve tried BBG several times and just couldn’t stick with it – but this is actually fun and seems to be effective. I wore jeans this week that haven’t seen the light of day in a while.

Any favorite health apps or natural beauty products out in blog land?

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  1. gregandbirds says:

    Sorry Hermana, but I think anything that qualifies the toxicity of consumer products that have been reviewed and approved by the FDA is a bit dubious. I mean, water and vitamin C will both kill you if you ingest too much of them, and arsenic is necessary for some specific proteins in your body to function. But I guess to each their own?



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