Nico Osteria

Playing tag along to the Gent’s meetings last week in Chicago was far too enjoyable. I saw lots of friends, but also kept a “treat yo’self” day for myself. The day started with a stroll down Michigan Avenue, reflecting on how much it’s changed and how much isn’t   there anymore. Less than enamored, I decided to have lunch at one of my favourite spots, Nico Osteria in The Thompson hotel.

First up was the unassuming focaccia, which upon closer inspection was chalk full of green olives for some reason.

Then, I tried the crudo sampler which was amazing. I could have just eaten about three orders or this for lunch.

I also opted for a side Cesar salad (with grapes?!), which spread out flat on a plate, appeared massive.

Finally, after a lunch of lettuce and raw fish, I decided sourdough donuts had to happen. How beautiful is this!? And they even left the tiny holes for added drama.

Nico was delicious as always. Treat yourself here for a thoughtfully curated glass of wine or indulgent lunch for some pre-Barney’s shopping fuel. Pro-tip:  they take Open Table rewards so you really have no excuse not to order that dessert!


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