Legal Seafood

Recently, I was out and about in Boston for business. My dinner plans cancelled at the last minute and I found myself in an airport hotel in my less than favorite city. Hooray! I decided better than to eat a $30 salad at an airport Hilton and bust my arse over to Legal Seafood for some decent fare. Blizzard aside, I was coming for the seafood!

I love oysters, but feel like I never see the same varietal? of shellfish on menus very often. So, I opted for a variety of local faire and wasn’t disappointed. Those from Boston and Cape Cod are often the most palate pleasing. Here’s a smattering.

The  man next to me said he’d never seen a woman order oysters before. Boy, please. Leave me alone.

Next up, I tried a thimble sized amount of crab dip. Topped with carmlized garlic, this was basically one of the best things I’ve had in my mouth in ages. Order a vat of this, stat.

Finally, I ended with the crab cake appetizer. Ummmm, I did not love this. Maybe I was just full, but it tasted like the crab cake had been cooked about six hours earlier. There was a lot of filling to boot. I hate to say it, but this was $16 and I left most of it. Skip this signature delight.

That’s a wrap, people. One of my Boston favs, but beware crabs in a blizzard.


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