Chef Jaime: Foodcaster

If you’re not already listening to Bon Appetit’s “Foodcasts,” give it a taste. They cover all sorts of fun an unknown topics related to food and cooking. I learn something every time I listen. Just don’t follow my lead and tune in on the drive home from work. You will ultimately end up salivating and rushing home to bust out a three course something or pasta dish you just HAD to try. I’ve definitely fall victim to this on the regular.

Bon Appetit also interview quite a few chefs in a rapid fire manner. You have just a split second to answer and have to commit to the answer for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

I thought I’d interview our Resident Chef-pert, Chef J and see if she could handle the heat. Reading through her answers made me realize that everyone should play this game on a first date too – it’s very insightful. Here’s what Chef J had to say.

Butter or olive oil? (they always do this one)
Meat or potatoes?
Yes. Okay, if I have to choose one, I’ll go with meat. Medium rare steak to be specific.
Dessert or wine?
Wine or cheese?
No dishwasher or no microwave?
No dishwasher. I grew up eating TV dinners and never had a dishwasher until a few years ago.
Ice cream or gelato?
Ice cream! The real stuff.
Chocolate chip or sugar cookies?
Chocolate chip – but not too packed full of chips. I like to taste the cookie dough.
Dark or light brown sugar? (racist?)
Light brown…but I like both equally.
Vanilla or chocolate?
Vanilla. (Is this racist too?)
Melty or crunchy?
Sweet or salty?
Both is the best. I do love salt though.
No rolling pin or no Silpat?
What kind of question is this?!? Gah. I guess no Silpat….as long as I have a giant roll of parchment paper.
Omitted ingredient measurement or baking time?
Definitely baking time. I can figure that out by watching the oven closely, but ingredients in baking need to be exact measurements.
Sprinkles or jimmies?
Sprinkles. All of the sprinkles!
Brownie edges or centers?
Centers all the way. Those edge-only pans are from the devil.
Cake or frosting?
Cake. Vanilla wedding cake please.
Croissant or donut?
Almond croissant. But I love any and all carbs!


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