Not sure if you’re excited or disappointed, but we’ve hit our final stop on our Charleston food tour. I’m just beginning to figure it how four pounds are gained in three days, despite gratuitous walking.

So. Brunch at Magnolia’s. I’ve been here before and this visit did not disappoint just as the last.

But, first, another walk along the water.

Phew, all that strolling in overly warm clothes sure brought on an appetite. We all shared the pimento.

And then the fried green tomatoes with city ham over grits. This was the Miami girls’ first taste of this dish and they loved it!

The gals split a chicken dinner and I opted for this light salad. Aka, if it’s a “salad” it’s a veggie, right?

Magnolia’s is a solid brunch spot; you won’t be disappointed.


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