It’s Friday, I’m in Love…

It’s Saturday morning….shhh. I was going to share my finds of the week last night, but fell asleep gearing up for the Oscar’s watching Manchester-by-the-Sea. It was that good. Or I was just that tired.

Without further ado….

Girl Scout Cookie Macarons from Lucette Grace.

Clockwise from 12 o’clock:

  • Tag along- Nommm
  • Lemonade- very fresh. Is this a GS cookie flavour??
  • Thin Mint- fresh mint which means super gross. To the trash.
  • Birthday Cake- fav and just bc they had it.
  • Samoa- delicious
  • S’more- not bad. Again, is this a cookie flavour?

This 80 degree weather in February causing all the trees to freak.

This book. Awesome, thought-provoking quick read. Happy to loan it to you.

My favourite new gin, found via my barman friend.

Mama Cholula. Size matters.

New snack. Mad tasty. Sweet and salty perfection.


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