The next stop on our food tour was the venerable, and personal favorite, Husk. Sean Brock is a Southern-food god and I couldn’t wait to get some of his fried chicken all up in here. These hips were starting to lie and they needed checked. But before that could happen, there would first be a workout. Then, there would be a walk. A walk that would turn into 11!!! miles!

Ok, now it’s time for your midday wine and fried chicken, said every trainer ever.

We started with a bottle of Sancerre and of course the house yeast rolls which are served with two types of butter – sea salt and pork belly sea salt – because the south. Then, we tried half of the apps, from left:

  • Ham rillette crostini (10 ouf of 10 stars)
  • HUSKpuppies (3 out of 10 stars) These were beyond dry and bland
  • Pimento cheese on flatbread (10 out of 10 stars) – My very picky friend, who had never even heard of pimento became an instant addict on this snack. It was then sought out for the duration of the weekend which was more than fine by me.

Then, there was what I came for, the fried chicken. The brined, smoked goodness is in a really solid layer of crispy breading that doesn’t get soggy, even at the end of the meal. Come to mama! It’s served with an oat and cabbage salad which sounds super gross, but was actually really good.

Not pictured was the burger, which is incredible, like all of Sean Brock’s burgers. We also tried the skillet cornbread which was drier than a vampire’s vagina at sunrise.

In summary, make your reservations as far in advance as you can! I made some for my next trip a month early and only had the option of really odd times. Also, stay away from all cornmeal products and stick to fats. Thank you.


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