Hall’s Chop House

The first night my friends arrived in town, we tried Hall’s Chop House. Of course, you can find a good steakhouse about anywhere, but this one claims to be one of the top two in America. Just ask their website.

We had a late reservation and the vibe was VERY lively with several tables seated after us. The joyful boisture (new word?) was the perfect way to start the night catching up with old friends. I’d highly recommend Hall’s for just this occasion, because romantic and sleek it is not. It is your old school steakhouse full of live piano and loud martini-fueled chatter.

Exhibit A:

I drink martinis now. Who knew? The French onion soup was pretty standard, which is to say very delicious. Even more so topped with onion straws.

For dinner we all shared a 28 oz. dry-aged bone-in porterhouse. It was more than enough for three gals who were really in it for the sides. Creamed corn was the house specialty, and topped with crispy bread crumbs, was so fantastic that we failed to photograph the mains. Whoops. Definitely order that one. The loaded mashed were pretty standard as well.

And for dessert, whiskey bread pudding with a whiskey sauce. While no one is much for whiskey in this crew, everyone loved the dessert!


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