Love Sweet, Love, Take 2

We heard from Chef Jaime and her Valentine’s Day plans. I thought you might be curious to hear what I’m preparing. I’m such a cheeseball, I do kind of love this holiday. Not in a fancy dinner and gifts sort of way, but more in a 5th grade arts and crafts sort of way. I’m not the only one in the spirit either. Did you see Dominos has a wedding registry now?? And Burger King has adult happy meals, featuring adult toys? Hilarious. 
What are you baking for your hubs gentleman suitor for Valentine’s Day?
My gentleman suitor is basically Prince Charming. This weekend, he flew me over to Charlotte to meet him after a meeting and we had an awesome weekend, just like we always do. He found us a romantic hotel, greeted me with Champagne, and then we headed to an awesome dinner. The next day we had a leisurely brunch outside and napped off all of the mimosas consumed. 
So the baking part. The night before our trip, I baked two flavors of cookies – iced sugar, My Grandma’s recipe and chocolate chunk with toasted walnuts and sea salt. I packed three containers of cookies into a suitcase and headed to the airport. Cooking came up with my Uber driver and I mentioned that I had a suitcase full of baked goods. He seemed genuinely excited and happily took cookies for his afternoon. Then, after my cookies were searched with a bomb wand at TSA, (I know, I know, I heard it) I offered them to the agents there as well. The TSA agent turned me down, unfortunately and claimed he wasn’t allowed. He did look for a wedding ring and said he’d be in love though. I was like pass that buck, good sir. 
And for your spawn neighor?

Well, he got the cookies that wouldn’t fit in my travel containers. I left them at his door with a note saying they were for his cool dog, from a secret admirer. Somehow he knew they were from me and was so excited about them. Even so, he called to ask if they were dog or human cookies. Even the chocolate ones. Eye roll emoji. 

Any easy, impressive/sexual/sensual recipes for a romantic date night? (Reddi-Whip can excluded)
Anything out of the ordinary. Anything with effort. If you don’t usually make dessert, do that. If your breakfast is boring, spice that up. Just insert champagne, whipped cream, or Nutella into any food group. How could any of that go wrong?
What foods are best served heart-shaped?
Cookies of course! (Though chocolate chips were hard). Pancakes, pizza, pepperonis on the pizza.
Image result for heart shaped pepperoni pizza
Any bad experiences with red food coloring? (Valentine beer in college story has been excluded from this blog).
Food coloring is really only good for frosting. Red velvet is THE worst. Green beer is even worse.
What’s been your best and worst VD?  (<–Again, Love is gross. VD and VD share an abbreviation…)

My favorite Valentine’s Day was being totally, simply happy and spoiled this past weekend. Great company, amazing conversations, and just general happiness ensued.

The worst Valentine’s Day was a couple years ago.I’d just started dating someone who did absolutely nothing for the holiday. He didn’t even inquire about my plans, so I thought, whatever, forget it and flew to Miami for a girls’ weekend. While I was in Miami, another male suitor invited me for drinks at an inside the terminal airport bar for Valentine’s Day, because what woman doesn’t want that? I politely declined and was excited to just have a fun night with my friends. Then, quickly into the evening, not one but two of my friends (one who was dating an ex of mine) lost their shit during our night and burst into tears. Just because it was Valentine’s Day. So, I ended up consoling my tequila-fueled friends’ tears in a bar. And over my ex! 


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