Love, Sweet Love


Hello, loving readers! We are prepping for Valentine’s Day with a little inspo from Chef Jaime today. Yours truly will share her similar thoughts soon and we can decide together who’s version of love and baking is the grossest…or at least the ooey-ist, gooey-ist.
What are you baking for your hubs for Valentine’s Day?
Oh yes, I probably should bake my husband something…thanks for the reminder! Perhaps the banofee pie from Mary Berry’s cookbook that he has been asking for since he bought me it last Valentine’s Day? Seems suitable.
And for your spawn?
Walter and I will be making “sprinkle cookies.” He only really cares about the sprinkles on top, but first we will be making sugar cookies and frosting. During this I will be telling him that yes, we will be putting the sprinkles on soon and no, he may not pour the sprinkles directly into his mouth from the container.
Any easy, impressive/sexual/sensual recipes for a romantic date night? (Reddi-Whip can excluded)
Excluding the very romantic Reddi Whip bikini, I would definitely go with chocolate dipped strawberries. They are easy to make, go great with champagne, and you can dump some sprinkles on them to make things even more impressive. If you want to actually bake something impressive, a quick chocolate lava cake should do the trick. Best served warm from the oven with a scoop of ice cream on the side. Let your love ooze.
Oozing? Love is gross.
What foods are best served heart-shaped?
Anything can be heart-shaped! Cookies are the obvious choice, but you could use a cookie cutter to make heart-shaped brownies, cake bites, pancakes, quiche, toast, eggs, mashed potatoes, steak(?!)…the possibilities are endless. Why don’t we do this everyday? What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.
Steak?? No. Too gross.
Any bad experiences with red food coloring? (Valentine beer in college story has been excluded from this blog).
Red food coloring is the worst! I made a red velvet cake for a co-worker once and it was brilliantly red, but tasted like a mouthful of cotton. And when my cake holder opened in the car on the way home and red crumbs covered the floor, my relationship with red velvet cake (and red food coloring) was ruined forever.
What’s been your best and worst VD?  (<–Again, Love is gross. VD and VD share an abbreviation…)
My best Valentine’s Day was any and all of the last six with my husband. Nothing fancy. Just homemade cards, delicious food, and lots of love. Last year was especially fun since Walter was involved in making treats. My worst Valentine’s Day consisted of no dessert and a Vermont teddy bear clad in heart silk boxers arriving at my office from a new beau. We broke up shortly after, but my co-workers never let me forget it.
Silk boxers! So 90’s.


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