It’s Friday, I’m in Love…

..with Miami! While, I don’t regret moving away from the madness, I still subscribe that three days down there is the perfect cure for what ails you. Certainly, cured me of a brutal last couple of weeks. So I share with you, my little loves of the Magic City..

  1. A good hotel. A cool room with a view is my favorite.My old standard used to be The Raleigh hotel, but  my last stay there left me wanting thicker walls, so I’ve been hotel hopping the last year or so. My most recent find is The Confidante. It was a Thompson hotel until recently when the Hyatt picked it up and I must say the service has improved and dare I say the ’50’s boho chic ambience has even gotten cooler?

2. Hiding in plain sight. There are seriously gorgeous garden nooks throughout the city, but The Standard gardens are one of my favorites.

3. The beach! Of course! My favorite section is midbeach these days. It’s quiet. You can hear the waves and yourself think. The hustle and bustle and people watching of South Beach is fun, but this is better. I’m getting old.

4. Retro thangs. This pattern on the hotel key card, or the wallpaper at The Webster, or any of the deco hotels…

5. A beautiful pool. Of course, these abound in Miami, but again my recent fav is that of The Confidante. An adult pool and a separate family pool is genius.

6. Ridiculousness. Fun drinks and magnums of wine that you probably wouldn’t have in any other city.


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