Monday, I Don’t Care About You…

While Monday is probably the worst day for the Cure’s lyrics, it’s all we have today and I’m grossly behind on filling you in on all my little loves. Here are snaps of the past week (or two). Apologies that they are so booze-centric. I really have been quite healthy during the week.

First on deck. Long walks with friends and dogs of friends and of course, Irish coffees to keep the blood pumping. Angus was ready for a sip, too.

Here’s what an impromptu trip to Mexico and a long distance romance can do. Just in time for Platinum to be downgraded in American’s new hierarchy. Doh!

Have to love a potluck brunch with the neighbors. Check that French toast casserole, live in action! Someone gave my neighbor that quiche on a date! Gross!

Hot toddies made with GIN instead of whiskey. Holy guacamole…this was fab.

After a few aforementioned gin cocktails, I decided we were all going to eat some really fancy mac & cheese. Pricey pasta, cheese plate quality cheese, and homemade breadcrumbs. Four of us ate this for a week.

A surprise 70 degree day after the blizzard. Palomas on the porch with one of my fav ladies.

She put mint in hers. Seems suspect. Looks cute.

After a few tequila cocktails, I corralled some of the neighbor dogs in my place. Here they are drinking out of a champagne bucket. Water, not champagne.

This is Koda. He has the biggest dog bum I’ve ever seen and I love him soooo much. I’ve only tried to dognap him on multiple occasions.

Can I also just tell you that I’ve been hanging with dogs so much lately that I thought maybe dog sitting as a side gig was in my cards? I had my first “meet-and-greet” with said dog yesterday. It came by to check my place out and promptly peed on my couch. Twice. Leg lifting inside ain’t cool, so I had to fire him. 

A trip to the arcade with friends and canned beer. Yuck.

Sunday strolls and street art.


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