The Super Model Project: Margarita Chicken

Moving forward with my Super Model project this snowy weekend, I tried not one but FOUR recipes from Cravings . Two were outstanding, as most are, and two I will not be making again. Let’s start with the bad news first.

While Teigan’s recipes are generally super flavorful, many I’ve tried seem to take a TON of ingredients and kitchen appliances. They aren’t simple. Here’s a survey of my scene making Margarita Chicken. Not pictured, the night prior marinating the chicken which included mincing garlic, squeezing various citrus, and measuring out a bunch of other stuff.

I made two substitutions with my Margarita Chicken – one, it calls for mushrooms, and I’m allergic, so I merely omitted them. Two, it’s the new year and I’m trying to be healthy, so I skipped the tortillas. Instead, I tried her garlic cauliflower mash and served the whole mess like a funky shrimp and grits.

Never having cooked or maybe even eaten adobo chilis before, I did not love them. They are a key ingredient of the marinade and a really strong, smoky flavor that just did not sit well with me. Also, this recipe seems to use a lot of oil, so it wasn’t quite as healthy as I was hoping for.

I love a faux mashed potato, but again, did not love her recipe. Three cloves of garlic – she roasted hers, I didn’t have the time – were just overwhelming to the amount of cauliflower in the recipe. I am ALLLLLLL about garlic, but I was brushing my teeth the entire day having eaten this. Did not love, so I’m going to skip sharing either recipe with you. Tried by me, so you don’t have to!

This round was a bust, but my craving for Cravings will return in our next installment of The Super Model Project.


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