Stuff I Ate in San Francisco

Fresh off of a romantic long weekend in San Francisco, I’m struggling with sleep and pondering why there aren’t afternoon cheese and wine pairings at my office. So, instead of showing you photos from our suite at the Clift hotel or snaps taken from blustery rooftops, I opt to show you snacks…. 

Crueller, homemade vanilla cream, and a spicy cinnamon sauce that tasted just as great in my double espresso. Credit:  Hog Island Oyster Company.

Dulce de leche and pistachio macaroons from Miette.

Hardwater- great restaurant for a casual but fun NYE

The whiskey walk at Hardwater.

Chilaquiles made with fried pasta instead of chips from Beretta in the Mission.

We enjoyed Beretta on consecutive days and tried carbonara pizza. Like woah.

But the best part of the weekend was just lounging and enjoying a glass of bubbly or two.


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