El Soñador

After my lackluster meal at Bravos, I was elated to find the gorgeous, El Sonador, also located in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. The industrial chic mixology bar certainly felt like it was out of a much larger city. A nice chat with the GM, London-native, Alex, spilled that he and his mates really just loved Puerto Vallarta and decided to open up shop. Thank God they did, as they saved my night!

The bottom floor has a few tables and pool table entertaining locals and tourists alike. The upper level features bar height picnic tables and is open air to the warm, Mexican evening air.

It’s the kind of place where if you aren’t sure what you’re going to order, the barmen will create something for you. Below, is a fresh-raspberry, hand shaken daiquiri. I would have never ordered this, but who can refuse a house special with in season fruit? Apparently, the bar will begin serving snacks this week, too. Start, enjoy, and maybe end your evening here!

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