Hills of Jalisco

One more time for the people in the back – it was my third Mexican jaunt this fall and I was beginning to get nervous the airport folks would think I was a drug mule. Thankfully, Mexico let me back in the beautiful country.

I know this sounds mad, but recently, life has brought me a gentleman in another city and American Airlines platinum status that was set to expire if I didn’t get the hell out of dodge again….so, I just had to make the trip.

Last minute tickets to see the Gentleman weren’t cheap, but you know what was? A 24 hour layover in Mexico. If I must. That’s how I came to find myself alone in Puerto Vallarta for just a day. Really, it was the perfect amount of time, I got to check another city off of my life list, extend status, and see the Gentleman for a couple of nights. Win, win, win, win.

I arrived early afternoon to the tune of a roasted jalapeno margarita with toes in the sand.

I waited for the sunset, as I always do, but there were far too many clouds. The light behind them gave indication that they must be magical. That’s the takeaway I had from the 1,000 pushy beach vendors, too.

The town was absolutely adorable, all colorful buildings, cobblestones, and food trucks. Kidnapping here seemed rather impossible.

The next morning brought poolside work then a stroll through the colorful town.

I landed in the cathedral for lunch and said my piece. The church was teaming with bare shouldered tourists and prayer-goers alike.

The gates above the front doors were rather different, but beautiful. Sorry this view is from the inside.

The courtyard was just sublime.

One last stroll back to the beach had me obsessed with all of the lacy, colorful flags.

Walking along the water was rather pretty, but again, packed with folks trying to sell you trinkets or offering to be your boyfriend for the weekend.

One last cerveza or two and some lunch and back to the US of A it was.


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