Menu reading may challenge travelling as a more frequent (and certainly more of a bargain) hobby. So, prior to embarking on my 24 hour Mexican jaunt, I scoured menus and resto reviews for the best possible experience. Collaborating with the concierge, I found myself at Bravos.

Let me put it this way…

I arrived 15 minutes early and they had been waiting for me. They said this.

The table next door asked if they could keep buying bottles of Handcraft wine.

My entire, 3 course, special birthday meal took 45 minutes. It was beyond disappointing.

I started with the Cesar salad, because Mexico. The dressing was homemade and not bad, but the whole bit was nothing special.

A sucker for all homemade pasta, the waiter talked me into the sea bass. It was alright. The asparagus was crisp. The potatoes were bland and covered in corn pureè. This was all served before I could finish my pre-dinner drink. Rush, rush, rush.

For dessert, I ordered a churro because they are my favourite. Not one, but two waiters peer pressured me into a guava tart. I hate guava. It was ready, just for me they said. I accepted and had one bite. No, thank you. I was just happy to get out of there and run to a nicer spot. Lucky for me, I found one. 

For a special occasion, don’t go to Bravos. It’s too busy, loud, and pushily serving lacklustre food. A tourist restaurant on the beach would have been better.


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