Not a Catch

Catch Miami was that love at first sight love. Instant attraction on every level and the constant need to run it into the ground before it closed. Catch Playa del Carmen was more of that dude you go out with two or three times because he’s “nice” and there’s nothing really wrong with him, but there’s nothing really right either.

Yep 2-3 times of well…ok….

The first time we stuck our head in was just for dessert after dinner out on the town. We opted for the S’more pizza. This came with a side of toasted marshmallow ice cream. You needed about one square of this as it was SO RICH. It also really satisfied a sweet tooth. Not complaining, just bring me one square free with my check. K? Thanks.

After you signal that you’ve eaten all that you can, a jazz musician serenades you goodnight. We’d finished about 2/3 of our dessert, which warranted a clarinet playing man.

We returned the next night to try a full dinner, because well, the restaurant was nice enough and to be honest, the best we’d found. We started with a dozen oysters which took three light years to receive because oysters take a long time to make. Our bubbly was warm by the time they arrived and our waiter promised us a fun surprise for our long wait. I was hoping it was the bottle of Brunello he was molesting at the other table he was overly attending. Instead it was hamachi topped with caviar, topped with truffles and truffle oil. <shivers> just wayyyyyyy too much going on there.

The grilled octopus wasn’t too bad, also not too great. The wagyu tacos were aggressively stuffed. I left them for my tiny dining friend.

Since we’d only had warm appetizers the night before, we opted for the sushi menu on our next visit. Not pictured, it was again OK. Maybe even made more OK by the child that vomited next to us. All the feels.

What was really life changing was this churro sphere, topped with dulce de leche, and hiding a scoop of ice cream.

It had us all like……


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