Thompson East

After a particularly intense week of work, one of my lovely ladies and I decided to take the rest of the week and test drive the new Thompson Playa del Carmen.

We meant to bat lashes and score two beds, but upon encountering a band of chic ladies working the front desk, we opted for frugality and just shared a king for a couple of days. It was disappointing, especially as the resort hardly seemed full…

The room was pretty enough and was perhaps the only piece of the resort remniscient of the love of my life, the Thompson Cape hotel.

The bathroom was a sexy shade of see through, including the toilet. A series of code words were developed when using the facilities. I thought this a little annoying with a platonic friend, then quickly realised I was grateful to be doing this with her and not peeing in front of someone who makes me swoon. Little things. Oh and the code word? “Golden showers.” 

The bottled water was more than any food items which seemed strange. At least the tequila was Casa Azul.

Our balcony has one comfy seat, great for reading. Too bad it didn’t swing a là Cabo.

The view was only ok and took a lot of luster from the property. We looked over the happening Cantina La Vente, which made for some difficult sleeping.

All in all, the hotel is ok. The service wasn’t to the other Thompson properties and everything was just fine, merely lacking the charm of the other properties. Tip:  stay in Cabo.


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