Moon Over Mexico

I’m so over-the-moon in love with life today. I’ve basically been waiting for this day for a year, but particularly this summer. I finally get to execute a trip of my selection! And it’s going to be romantic AF, just the way vacation should be. That’s right, I’m returning to The Cape Hotel in Cabo for some peace and recalibration.
I hadn’t given it too much thought with all that’s happened this summer and with work being particularly stressful and eating up my spare time lately, it has been just another calendar item. Until today! Today’s the day! I met a nice military chap at a bar waiting for the flight. He’d been travelling for 35 hours from Japan and I was awake for 24…because well, life got busy. We had one of those instant connections where you feel like you’ve known someone forever. Apparently, I was the first non-Japanese, non-military woman he’d talked to in two years. Naturally, we steered conversation Into ordering dodgy items from Amazon and the difference between Japanese sex toy shops and American. Life is funny. I’ll never see him again, but he made me laugh more than I have in quite awhile. And now, I’m vacation ready, with a heavy dose of laughter and a few mimosa bubbles. It’s so refreshing to be reminded there are so many like-minded solo-travel loving people in the world. Life is so short and the world is a better place when it feels small.
Plus, the cutest new sandals you ever did see. (Looks like I had my feet on backwards, but my legs were just crossed!)


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