Cabo, Tres & Quattro

The last couple days have been a blur. A hurricane hit. No power. No water. The storm hit overnight. It was truly terrifying. Since sleep wasn’t an option, I stayed awake all night to enjoy the lightening show and guess when the balcony swing would crash through my door. Somehow it didn’t!

Even prior to Hurricane Newton, I met so many awesome people at the resort and had some massively thoughtful, touching conversations. Everyone and their awful breakup or some varying place on the divorce spectrum. I’ve heard love stories that have made me cry right along with the women telling them. Drinks and dancing and a Mexican Pearl Jam cover band. Sweaty strangers all without air conditioners, bonding over the storm and how small the world is. Everyone has some version of the same problems. Late night phone calls with new friends, so long that I felt like a teenager, on the phone in my parents’ guest bedroom. Delicious meals at Manta. All of my plans, cancelled so I had to relax. It’s been the kind of trip that made me care a little less about petty work nonsense that had been eating me up. This confirmed when I checked my email this morning.

This place is unreal. This trip has been magical. Solo travel that ended up with literally a family of new friends. I’m going to be wonderfully crushed to leave tomorrow, but the next adventure waits for no one. 


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